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Free to download and print. Click any gift tag design to see a larger version and download it.

Blue Filigree gift tag

Blue Filigree

Cute Cartoon Tooth gift tag

Cute Cartoon Tooth

Daisy Chain gift tag

Daisy Chain

Easter Cross gift tag

Easter Cross

Festive Balloons gift tag

Festive Balloons

Festive Wrapped Present gift tag

Festive Wrapped Present

Grapevine Border gift tag

Grapevine Border

Green Greco Border gift tag

Green Greco Border

Hanukkah Dreidel gift tag

Hanukkah Dreidel

Happy Birthday Balloons gift tag

Happy Birthday Balloons

Heart And Leaves gift tag

Heart And Leaves

Heart Border gift tag

Heart Border

Heart Ribbons gift tag

Heart Ribbons

Hearts And Flowers gift tag

Hearts And Flowers

Leaves And Berries gift tag

Leaves And Berries

Minimalist Gold gift tag

Minimalist Gold

Pink Filigree gift tag

Pink Filigree

Rocket Fireworks gift tag

Rocket Fireworks

Romantic Hearts Border gift tag

Romantic Hearts Border

Sparklers Stars gift tag

Sparklers Stars

Stars And Confetti gift tag

Stars And Confetti

Tooth And Stars gift tag

Tooth And Stars

Vines Border gift tag

Vines Border

White Lilies gift tag

White Lilies

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